Wednesday, July 01, 2015
Serving Delta County

The Baybank mission is to:  meet the financial needs of the people and businesses of Delta County, protect and increase the value of our shareholders' investments, provide stable and quality employment to Delta County citizens and serve our community in financial and non-financial ways.

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Home Mortgage Loans

Are you looking for a long term loan to purchase a home or condominium?  Check out listings from our local realtors at


Would you like to refinance an existing home loan?


Baybank offers fixed and adjustable rate mortgages (ARM) for home purchases or refinancing, with convenient monthly payments.    


Trouble with a down payment? You may qualify for a "no down payment" mortgage loan or for the Home Ownership Program (HOP).  Baybank is an approved lender for MSHDA and the USDA Rural Housing Service Loan programs. Information regarding these programs is available by email or by calling a Baybank loan officer.


Need a hand with some home improvements?  You may be eligible to receive matching funds through the Neighborhood Impact Program (NIP).  Contact a Baybank lender for details.


Complete Hometown Home Mortgage application kits are available at all of our Baybank locations.  Please talk with a Baybank loan officer about your home mortgage options and related costs.  A PDF version of a personal mortgage application verification authorization and a form 4506T can be printed out and mailed back to us. To protect your personal information, please do not email sensitive information to us.


Note:  Interest paid on these loans may be tax deductible.  Consult your accountant or tax preparation expert to be sure.