Saturday, December 20, 2014
Serving Delta County

We are a community owned and operated bank serving Delta County in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula.

Our fundamental purpose is to meet the financial needs of the people in Delta County, protect and increase the value of our shareholders investments, and serve Delta County in financial and non-financial ways.

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Baynet is an online bill payment solution that supports one-time, recurring, and expedited electronic payments to any individual or any entity in the United States.

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Home Equity Loans

A loan or credit line secured by the investment you've made in your home.


You can convert the equity in your home into cash whenever you need it with a home equity loan.  This self-activated open-end line of credit gives you the ability to draw against your pre-approved credit limit at any time and for any purpose.  The interest rate is typically much lower than other types of consumer loans and the interest you pay may be tax deductible (check with your tax consultant).