Tuesday, June 30, 2015
Serving Delta County

The Baybank mission is to:  meet the financial needs of the people and businesses of Delta County, protect and increase the value of our shareholders' investments, provide stable and quality employment to Delta County citizens and serve our community in financial and non-financial ways.

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Business Services

Automatic Distributions Automatic Funds Transfers
Business/Corporate Card Direct Deposit Payroll
Direct Payment Plan Federal Tax Depository
Night Depository Notary Public
Point of Sale Terminals POS Safe Deposit Boxes
Fax Telephone Transfers
Visa & Mastercard Merchant Wire Transfers



Automatic Distributions

Business customers may have interest earned on certificates of deposit automatically  distributed to their checking or savings account(s). 

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Automatic Funds Transfer (AFT)

You may set up an automatic payment system at Baybank whereby funds from your business accounts are automatically transferred to another account or applied to your Baybank business or personal loan(s).   There is no service fee for AFT. 

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Business/Corporate Credit Card

Baybank offers businesses a convenient, competitively priced, VISA credit card through Elan.  The business card can be used to track expenses as well as access business accounts after bank hours through an Automated Teller Machine (ATM). 

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Direct Deposit Payroll

With an advanced Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) program, Baybank can provide businesses with a direct deposit payroll that saves time and money.   Employee's have their pay directly deposited into their accounts and withholdings can be in up to ten different categories.  Payroll can be entered any time during the day by computer modem or floppy disk. 

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Direct Payment Program

Baybank can provide business customers an electronic payment system for recurring payments.  Customers of your business voluntarily sign up to allow their payments to be automatically taken from their accounts at any financial institution and placed in your business account at Baybank.   Your customer avoids writing a check and paying postage, and you save the time and trouble of handling the payment.  This Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) program is an excellent way for your business to control cash flow and make short term investments with your idle dollars during the month. 

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Federal Tax Depository

Baybank is an authorized agent to receive all types of withheld taxes.  Baybank is also an enrollment center for the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS).  This system saves the taxpayer time and money by eliminating coupons and checks and the need to deliver them to the bank.   Contact any Baybank office for information and enrollment forms for EFTPS. 

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Night Depository

Business account customers may use secure night deposit drop boxes for after hours payments and deposits.  Business customers are encouraged to use Baybank's lock bag procedure for night deposit, which has a $25.00 refundable service fee.   Night depositories are located in the drive through lane at each Baybank location.

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Notary Public

Baybank business customers may have documents notarized.  Notary Public services are available to businesses at all three Baybank locations. 

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Point Of Sale (POS) Terminals

POS terminals are available to business customers through Baybank on a rental or purchase basis.  These terminals allow merchants to receive payment from their customers on debit or credit cards.  This is a customer convenience that is very popular and the business is assured "good funds" rather than accepting questionable checks. 

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Safe Deposit Boxes

Baybank has various sizes of safe deposit boxes to secure your valuables.  Annual rental fees for boxes are as follows:

Size 1 $20.00     (Gladstone only)
Size 2
Size 3
Size 4
Size 5 $50.00
Size 6 $80.00     (Escanaba only)



When opening a new Business Account, you can receive a small safe deposit box free of charge.  This $17.00 value can be applied to larger boxes. 


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Baybank is happy to offer business customers a "fax" service in all three locations

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Telephone Transfers

You may transfer dollars between your business and/or personal accounts by telephone.   Please have your account numbers available and be prepared to provide other information for positive identification.  There is a $2.00 service fee for telephone transfers. 

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VISA and MasterCard Merchant Plans

Baybank offers both major credit cards (VISA and MasterCard) merchant plans to business customers.  Accepting either of these cards from your customers has proven to increase gross sales.  After accepting payment on the card, receiving same day credit is as simple as making a deposit.  Manual and electronic services are available. 

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Wire Transfers

Baybank accepts and sends domestic and international wire transfers for businesses.  The service fees for sending a wire are $20.00 for domestic and $50.00 for international.  Non customers may receive wire transfers at baybank for a $20.00 service.  Baybank customers can receive wire transfers.  There is a $10.00 fee.

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